Breaking Down The Business Bitch

Helena Price

Being a high powered business woman is a difficult gig, and Helena Price has been pushing herself to new heights for years. All that hard work, all that energy and effort, and all she has to show for it is some money and some power. But after all this time, Helena finally realizes that what she really wants is to be a submissive slut. She dreams of giving up control for a little while and having her body rocked by a strong man. So, she meets a guy who can show her the ropes. She blindfolds herself and waits for him to arrive nervously. Finally, he shows up, telling her simply to open her mouth. As soon as she does, he shoves his cock down her throat, beginning the hard dick domination. He fucks her hard, and Helena cannot believe what she has been missing out on all these years. Maybe now she will remember to feed her slutty side!

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