Condiment Cooch Punishment

Tara Ashley

Tara Ashley is every dominant guys dream girl. She knows exactly how to serve her man and can do it flawlessly almost every time. Today, she is tasked with making a sandwich for her guy, but when she loses track of her mind, she accidentally puts some mustard on the bread. She can hear his scolding voice echo in her head as she makes the mistake, and she immediately knows what the consequences are. But part of her is secretly happy that she screwed up. Nothing turns her on more than getting punished by her hung man. As soon as she realizes what she has done, she gets down on her knees and begins to crawl. That is how her man likes her to approach him when she has made a mistake. The look of contrition on her face masks the fact that her pussy is soaking wet as she moves along the floor towards his waiting cock. When she finally gets to him, she confesses her error, and the guy is merciless. He slaps her aggressively, making her pussy tremble in anticipation as she takes the punishment. Then, he breaks out his belt and gives her a serious ass whipping. Finally, he pushes Taras head down onto his cock, making her suck while she gags and chokes. Then, he lifts her in the air and dominates her before throwing her down on the couch and pounding her tight pussy until she is completely out of breath. Tara cries out as she cums on his dick over and over, loving how hard and deep he goes inside her wet love glove. Then, he pulls his prick out and showers her in his hot cum. After the intense dick down, he reveals that next time he wants extra mustard. What a mind fuck!

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