Office Submission

Adrian Hush and Alexis Monroe

MILF boss Alexis Monroe and her employee are hugely successful in their industry, but that does not stop them from being massive pervs. Today, they are looking through a stack of resumes to find exactly the right girl for a job they are looking to fill. This girl needs to be fit, beautiful, and ready to fuck at a moments notice. So, when they get to Adrian Hush, they know she is the right lady for the job. They hire her and she strips down right away, getting into position to serve as their new office slave. Her first assignment is to bend over and act like a desk for Alexis and her employee to get some work done. But pretty soon, Alexiss employee is balls deep in Adrians pussy. He slams Adrian hard to see if she can handle the job, and she is more than capable. Someone give this girl a raise!

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